Who We Are

Chris Wiman

Vice President
What drives you? Firebreathing, horsepower spewing, turbo boosting, cars. Moab crawling, suspension articulating, restaurant valet-ing, trucks. Beach cruising, back country prowling, coilover wearing, Jeeps. Beautiful Souls, Beautiful Music, Beautiful days. Family. Friends. Adrenaline. Photography. Videography. Design.

Kricket Lewis

VP of Client Marketing Strategy & Engagement
What drives you? Pushing limits and living outside of the box drives me. Whether it’s taking on a not-so-casual trail run over mountain passes, testing my mountain bike speed through rocky, rough single track or creating ideas to push brands into the future, playing it safe is not an option.

Brittany Cupp

Director of Marketing
What drives you? Getting the most out of every situation and having a good time. Whether snowboarding and enjoying the natural landscape, to cranking out campaigns for clients, I'm driven by doing my best and enjoying the ride.

Jamie Opalenik

Director of Public Relations & Events
What drives you? Progress drives me. Growth, development, and striving to go uphill and forward over all terrain pushes me in both my work and personal life.

Dale Martin

Lead Photographer
What drives you? To be able to inspire others with my work. The word's "it can't be done" or "it's impossible", those who doubt me, exceeding expectations, goals, and finally tight deadlines.

Jordan Cole

What drives you? Waking up, getting in a car, driving towards the horizon. I love exploration, reaching the limits of civilization and rediscovering America. Smelling like gasoline at the end of a journey means it was a success. Washing grit from under my fingernails is a form of therapy. Taking pictures of the expedition is my life.

Aaron Heirtzler

Director of Design - Digital
What drives you? I'm driven by a love of the outdoors and pushing myself to do more, go farther, finish faster. Days spent backpacking through the Colorado mountains or an extended afternoon mountain bike ride on a high dessert trail and challenging myself is what I need to recharge and be re-inspired in my daily design and photography work.

Todd Bartz

Director of Design
What drives you? The mountains drive me. Getting out on the trails on my mountain bike or in the Jeep is a summer Saturday well done. A day on the snowboard or at the ice rink is great day in the winter. After recharging outdoors, it makes it so much easier (and fun!) to crank out graphics or give some TLC to a photo or ad for one of our clients.

Jace Reynolds

Designer/Video Editor
What drives you? I am driven to design, to find the balance between problem solving and creative expression. I am inspired most by nature and the study of Earth’s natural processes. I enjoy being amazed by views of giant rugged peaks and imagining the eons of natural design that went into creating them. I try to emulate Earth’s natural design processes in my own work.